Employment History

February 2018 to Current

Webmaster & IT Specialist

East-West University –  Chicago, IL

February 2018 to Current  

  • Join client meetings to learn about the development of project scopes.
  • Expansion and creation of the East-West University branding style guide.
  • Design and creation of the new and student voted Phantoms mascot, for the Phantoms Basketball Team.
  • Proposed, received funding for and successfully  established a Maker Space with : Three 3D printers, laser engraver and PC station.
  • Write new policies, such as the Social Media, Privacy and Data policies that did not previously exist.
  • Meet with administration, staff and faculty to obtain more information and discuss design options.
  • Creation of identity materials, including the design and issuing of student Identification cards.
  • Overseeing audits, inventory, maintenance and repair of vital systems, such as the front desk security systems and hardware.
  • Overseeing scheduling of project milestones and coordinate with clients on any proposed changes or challenges to be overcome.
  • Carry out quality assurance and security tests to discover errors and optimize usability
  • Negotiate and maintain contracts and services with companies such as Google, Adobe and Microsoft.
  • Establishing and creating new relationships with 503c and NPO related companies, for resources and services.
  • Issue events, public service announcements and alerts to staff, faculty and students via the East-West University website and other POC.
  • Complete detailed programming and development tasks for front-end public and internal websites as well as challenging back-end server code.
  • Content, SEO and media creation for East-West University website, printed collateral and other 
  • Development of web and applications using HTML/XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Inclusive of the CMS, WordPress.
  • Responsible for quality assuring server/client side architecture, in relation to East-West Universities online persona.
  • Creating and maintaining databases.
  • Creating single-page applications with the use of front-end tools such as Angular.
  • Help with software and technical issues around East-West University, for staff, faculty and students.
  • Responsible for recording and editing of media for events at East-West University.
  • Experience creating accessible websites in HTML5, PHP, XML/XSL, CSS3, SCSS, LESS using various tools and IDE’s such as Eclipse and Visual Studio.
  • Fulfilled contracts and in-house development by creating, maintaining, and administering websites using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, concrete5, jQuery and other frameworks.
  • Established working relationships and solved issues working in an online collaborative environment using Slack, Trello, Jira and more.
  • Development of microformats and SERP ready websites by using the latest standards and tools such as the W3C validator, WCAG2, UML, Google Analytics, and AdWords to achieve proper SEO and Local SEO.
  • Experience with creating games and software using C2, Unity, Blender, Flash, HTML5 and various game development kits on the independent level.  Academic knowledge of C# and C++.
  • Professional knowledge of Adobe CS Suite with mastery using Photoshop and Illustrator in areas such as print, branding, photo manipulation, and restoration. CorelDraw, FontForge, Inkscape, and Magika Voxel are among the various other design software I use to create Multimedia. Created characters and architectural 3D models in Blender, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, and Modo.
  • Working knowledge and sales of various hardware, software, and tools such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Chromebox, ChromeCast Meetings, TeamViewer, Printers, SalesForce, CRM, VOIP, SVN, WAN, LAN, VPS, VNC, WSP, IIS, SSH, FTP.
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access) and Google Documents.  Typing speed of 81 WPM.
February 2013 to 2018

Web Developer/Design/Customer Service

Bulldog Bootcamp Co. –  Forest Park, IL

February 2013 to 2018

  • Increase traffic to company’s website by SEO and local SEO consultation and implementation.
  • Tasked with the occasional graphic design of promotional or brand material including flyer design.
  • Use WordPress and PHP to maintain the design, development, implementation, and deployment of web applications, services and content to meet process initiatives.
  • Responsible for quality assurance of complex web architecture, code writing, and ensuring website functionality and user accessibility.
  • Taking the lead when required to evaluate the design of existing or proposed systems to structure and access databases required for Bulldog Bootcamp’s website as well as the hardware maintenance.
  • Responsible for social media platforms.
  • Handle client accounts through database and customer service.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software.
June 1998 to Current

Freelance Web and Multimedia Development:

Photoshop & Illustrator CS, Social Media, UX, Templating, Wireframes: Completed the Facebook, Google+ Twitter & Youtube social page designs for Glass Whiteboards. www.glasswhiteboard.com

November 2013  –  April 2014

Research & Data Entry and Q/A Leads Development – Contractual

Scout Exchange – Chicago, IL

November 2013  –  April 2014

  • Phase 1 – Research & Data Entry: Located specific information, then verified and logged data for over 2000 different companies into a live Google spreadsheet for further verification.
  • Phase 2 – SalesForce: Quality Assurance of Leads Data:
    During the second phase I  quality assured the data of contact and company information into Salesforce, from  lead data gathered from Phase 1.
March 2012  –  May 2012  

Quality Assurance Developer – Contractual

PointRoll – Chicago, IL

March 2012  –  May 2012

  • Used fiddler2, HTTP Debug HTML, Flash, ActionScript #, javaScript for quality assurance work of Flash & HTML  “creatives” assigned to advertisers “placements”.
  • Logged debugging notes in CRM.